Quivvers are perfect for any athlete, adventurer or traveler.

Protects your money, mobile, and keys so you can focus on the journey. 


Reversible.  Water-resistant. Adjustable. Technical. Intelligent.

Made in America. Patent Pending.


Quivvers Top 10

March 19, 2014

1. Never need to set your phone down anywhere -ever. 2. Basics always with you. 3. Versatile - waist pack, cross body. 4. Don't lose keys, mobile, stuff. 5. Safety. Valuables are strapped to you. 6. Mobile phone beautifully located to utilize, check time or calls - hands-free or one-handed. 7. Never bogged down or bothered with the bulk of a bag/backpack to participate in anything. 8. Be Organized. 9. Never repack.  It's ready for any occasion. 10. Adventure (travel, athletic, nature) anywhere with basics.

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New York City

February 04, 2014

My recent move from Whitefish Bay to New York City is worthy of a few blogs. What an experience to move an entire household of 5 kids, a dog, 2 guinea pigs and all our valued possessions. What a crazy concept to go from a family in the suburbs with a house to a an urban family with a small apartment. So many newfound perspectives on lifestyle, culture, fashion, pursuits, education, people, and everything. Even the mundane things are new again - laundry, grocery shopping, transportation, walking the dog - and nothing like before.



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The Big Rig

December 10, 2013

Quivver is 2 years old! We are so thankful for each and every customer and fan. The support has been tremendous and so appreciated. To celebrate we are launching our 2nd product: the Big Rig.

Quivvers "BIG RIG" from Quivvers on Vimeo.

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Gifting Season

November 12, 2013

Yesterdays' 1st snow reminded me that gifting season is upon us. It's time to pick out all the perfect somethings for everyone whom you celebrate in your life. It can be a beautiful time of reflection, thankfulness and wonder at the spirit in life and the people around you as long as you keep the man-made, material elements of the season under control.

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