quivvers adventures

It's fun to think of the impact Quivvers is making on the lives of people all around the world.  When you begin a business and put numbers to paper, you cannot imagine the pride and emotion that you feel when you begin to see your product out in the world.  My first Quivvers sighting outside of my own network and town was totally exciting.  I spotted a complete stranger sporting a Quivver in the NYC airport - 1000 miles from our headquarters!!.  I was ecstatic and felt like our business had made it.  After countless celebrities, bloggers, media coverage, sales and events, you would think the excitement wears off.  But it hasn't.  I love seeing quivvers making the active lifestyle more active and changing the way people carry their essentials everyday.  Every picture sent into our fb page or site is like the first sighting.  I love the elation of knowing all the places quivvers has been and all the people proudly rocking it.  By now I know Quivvers has been on every continent, tons of countries, amazing trips, hikes, bike rides, runs, paddle boards, canoes, zip lines, mountains, cities, parks, ski hills, sledding, beaches, islands... Quivvers is becoming an essential!   

"Looking fab in Paris"


"Skiing at Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy"

"Quivvering in San Pedro De Atacama, Chile!"

"Disney world FUN!"

                                 Where You Goin?..........

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