What's in our quivvers?

I am a minimalist.  I have always yearned for clean & simple from the time I was a young girl organizing my things in my room.

This week, a photographer said to me, "I love the idea of Quivvers as I am a minimalist.  It's the Virgo in me."  That stopped me in my tracks with the realization that Quivvers is true to my personality.  

Quivvers is the perfect minimalist gear.  It is simple with great design that is technical & intelligent.  Now being a minimalist does not mean I don't have the stuff I need with me.  It really means that I carry my necessities in a clean, simple and smart way --- in my Quivver!  A Quivver can carry everything a small or medium bag can carry without accumulating the unnecessary junk that floats around in most bags or bulging my clothes pockets.  It's high function.

Today, the Quivver's staff decided to share exactly what we carry in our Quivvers everyday - and, yes, we are all addicted to wearing them daily.  When we try to step out without them, it occurs to us all how easy Quivvers makes managing the essentials in any situation!  


Quivvers accommodates a lot of essentials - there is still more room in all of ours for additional items.  And the greatest bonus of Quivvers is never repacking and moving things from pocket to purse to bag to lost.  For special outings, we can just clip in the camera or water bottle or extra bag.  Pure minimalism - function meets form!  Gear that really gets you going!  And, yes, I am a Virgo.

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