A Salute to the Active Lifestyle

So many times this month, I have found myself drifting into thought about the virtues of an active life.  The events of the Boston Marathon impacted so many people directly and indirectly.

The ability to overcome the loss and fear is remarkable.  Of all the potential targets, the distance runner may just be the most resilient. I have been impressed everyday with the stories and reactions and have really begun to admire and notice the active-minded person. 

I was touched to realize that Quivvers ran along in the Boston Marathon on more than a few runners.  It was even referenced as a "life-saver" as it allowed a quick call after the bombings to family because their mobile was right with them.

An active lifestyle really does give you super powers to overcome obstacles and loss.  I salute all the active persons and hope to join them in their mindset and lifestyle.  Grab your Quivver, get out there & be resilient!  


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