Quivvers on TV!

Next week, Quivvers will be on a TV show on CNBC called Crowd Rules.  We were all super excited when we were asked to be on the show.  What a lucky experience for a new business trying to gain attention in the market.  The format of the show is a game show setting that introduces three businesses to a live audience through video and live studio questions led by hosts that  have expertise in business themselves.  The audience votes on the business that most needs the $50,000 cash prize.  Besides the publicity, we immediately dreamed of winning the prize.  The show airs next week!  

As I reflect on our experience, I know we have already been rewarded by the experience.  The tons of paperwork to communicate your financials and plans were laborious, but also very confirming of the track Quivvers is taking.  The scramble to get the video footage and the TV crew visit to the house were exciting and exhausting.  It really showed the stuff we are made of here at Quivvers- creative, hard-working, resourceful, resilient and most of all fun, professional, true and active.  We all really put it out there with our best foot forward.  Finally, the trip to NYC with my husband to film the studio portion.  It was full of time together waiting for the next step knowing you were about to be filmed for a national TV show - high energy and nerves with no outlet.  Reminds me that we are a great team - business adept with good judgement and, most importantly, a comfort level to take the bumps, obstacles and opportunities as they come, happily.  Life is a ride!

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May 29, 2013

We are so proud of you! Can’t wait to watch it. Can you let us know if it will be online? we are up north in MN so we only have local channels : ) WAY TO GO! Praying you get the 50K

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